Bird It Is, Then

“Oh, where are you parked?”  Matt Brass asked, looking around the parking lot which was empty except for his own car.

“I don’t drive.”  His new friend Cat replied, “Could you drive us?”

“Yeah, of course.  Do you want to stop at home to change?”  He said glancing down at his spandex biking clothes.

Cat looked curiously down at her own exercise attire for a moment, then looked up at him, stepped closer and pressed her body against his.  “Let’s just go.”  She breathed, looking up into his eyes.

Matt fought the rushing blood as he felt the curves of her body pressed against him.  “For food?”  He rumbled, no longer sure if eating together was all they’d be doing.

Cat pulled away a little, “Yes, let’s get chicken.”  She chirped.

Matt regained his cool, but the memory of the feel of her body lingered.  “Hop in”. He said nodding towards the car, “I’ve got to strap my bike in.”  She looked at the car, and then back at him in consternation.  He saw the question in her eyes.  No, couldn’t be.  She must want him to get the door for her.  “Please, let me get the door for you.”  He said and walked over to open the passenger door.  Cat approached cautiously, looking into the car and then back into his eyes.  Nervous from her strange behavior, Matt peer in at the passenger seat to double check he hadn’t left anything on it.  It was clear.  Cat slowly stepped into the car, looking around curiously.  Matt shut the door behind her and her head snapped towards him, he smiled and gave a little wave, then walked back and fastened his bike to the rack.

When he was satisfied with the bike, he walked around to the driver’s seat and pulled himself in.  “Sorry to keep you waiting, you said you like chicken?”  He said looking into Cat’s eyes.

“Yes, I’m starving for chicken.”  She demurred.  “I could eat two or three of them.”

“Chicken it is then.”  He said.  “I know a place with big portions where we won’t stand out too badly in our in cloths.”  He started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.  When the car started to move, Cat grabbed at the door handle and her seat.  “Sorry.”  Matt said, “I’m not used to having a passenger, I’ll try to ease up on the G’s.”


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