A Chance Meeting

Matt brought a backpack with him on the third trip down the path through the woods. In it he’d packed a hatchet and a hand saw, he’d be damned if those downed trees would stop him today.

The path was choked in heavy fog again, but he pushed on until he reached the blockade. It was even thicker this time with the downed trees, downed but not dead apparently, having grown branches which wove through the spaces between the logs forming the beginnings of a wall of foliage. Matt went to work with his hatchet immediately, chopping off the smaller branches and preparing the thicker logs for his saw. When they were clear he chopped the hatchet into one of the logs and it stuck, freeing his hands to work with the saw. As he bent over to retrieve it from his backpack he heard a woman’s voice from behind him. “Who are you to destroy these things?”

He turned and saw a woman clad in a clinging green gossamer dress. Her face had sharp slanting features and pointed ears, just like a elf out of Tolkien. Her long silvery hair flowed towards the east as though caught up in a breeze. He shook his head in consternation. No, it was an attractive blond jogger in a tight green and black jogging suit, and she’d said, “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m just clearing the way, so I can make this path my own.” He said. Strange. He’d wanted to say ‘so I can keep going.’

“What if the path doesn’t want to be your’s?” The jogger asked curiously. She took a step towards him. Gazing into his eyes intently, “You don’t smell like you have a human female.” No wait, she’d boldly said, “Are you single?”

He stood and brushed himself off, then turned to face her. “Hello, I’m Matt Brass.”

“I am called Scattering Leaves”/”Hi, I’m Catherine Greaves. I mostly go by cat.” She said. Whatever malfunction had made Matt see the strange fairy creature was clearing up. This was a normal woman, and from her smile and demeanor he could tell she liked him.

“Nice to meet you, Cat.” he said, and turned his head back to the road block. “Well, I could keep clearing the way, or, if you’d like…” He turned back to meet her eyes, “We could go back and go get something to eat together.”

Cat smiled at him winningly and held out her hand to him. “I’d love something to eat, birds… or, I mean, chicken, or something.” She said awkwardly and giggled nervously. Matt took her hand and they walked back towards the parking lot. Matt didn’t notice that the fog had almost entirely cleared.

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