A New Route

Matt Brass, an inveterate biker and exercise fanatic was checking out an alternate bike path route.  He rode in the early mornings and late afternoons, and his old path was starting to become congested with other bikers and walkers during those times.  He could still work around them but he found that the prescence of traffic prevented him from entering the peaceful zen like state which he sought while exercising.  In hopes of finding that again, he had researched some alternate paths and had immediately found one which looked very promising.  It was a long snaking path through a large wooded park that has long stretches without any road crossings.  He had resolved to check it out inmediately this afternoon, got dressed and set off on his bike.

The path was everything he’d hoped for in regards to solitude.  There was very little traffic.  Unfortunately, he was still having trouble quieting his mind as he rode.  The problem was that in the late summer, in the woods, there were bugs, and as he rode, he was finding that a small percentage of those bugs were encountering his face at high speed.  It was both disgusting and distracting, and he was thinking of just turning back.  Maybe he’d come back with a motorcycle helmet, or something.  As he debated turning around, he saw something ahead on the path.  A log laying across it.  He braked and stopped next to it, then turned his head to look back down the path he’d come.  He hadn’t cut a ride short in a long time.  He always went five miles or more.  But with the bugs and now this tree, continuing forward just seemed foolish.  He set off back the way he’d come, and began planning how to properly tackle this new path.  He’d use the extra time and energy he’d have tonight to go to the bike shop and inquire about goggles and bug visors.  Maybe he’d browse online for a compact hand saw, in case he needed something extra to clear the path.  It was probably the municipality’s job to keep the path clear, and he could just carry his bike over them, but who knows what their maintenance schedule is, could be seasonal for all he knew.


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